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"Climate Engineering and Forestfires Central Portugal 2017"

Next International Meeting:
Saturday 28th April 2018 11H00

For Witnesses and everybody else who is interessted !
Location: Vegan/Vegetarian Greenbeancoffeebar Tábua/Barras Coimbra/Portugal
(main road Tábua towards Candosa)

Welcome, who likes to support the group,
just come to our next meeting or send us an email

tabua 2.12.2017

Foto: First International Meeting 02.Dez 2017 11-15H00
Greenbeancoffeehouse - Tábua/Barras - Coimbra - Portugal

benjamim levy

Benjamim Levy (Lisabon/Portugal)

Therapist in the field of natural or alternative health and a hypnologist
specialized in the cognitive and transpersonal area. His patients are especially
people affected in the psychic or psychosomatic area.
Contact/ Info:



Since our first meeting 02. of Dezember 2017, we have regular meetings, mostly every last saturday of the month, same place, same time.

The "Group Why Fire" (WiFi)
"Climat Engineering and Forestfires Central Portugal 2017" is an open group.
Everybody is invited for constructive contribution, commen language is english,
to enable all nationalities to be involved in this International Platform.

Our Objectif is to analyse the Fires in their economical and political circumstances,
and to be an active group for informations on portuguese and international level.
In the passed meetings we spoke mostly about Agenda 2021/2030, False Global Warming and Eukalyptus and Lithium Industry in Portugal.
We are working on kind of "mission statement" and flyers for your information.

We have received detailed information from Elana Freeland to compare California Fires 2017 with Portugal Fires, to speak about Directed Energy Weapons and our experiences.

We are WITNESSES of a kind of Geoengineered "FireZunami" from the night 15/16th October 2017 in Central Portugal!
Very important for us is to understand, that the so called "Climate Change" is a "GEOENGINEERED FALSE CLIMATE CHANGE".
"CONTROLLING THE WEATHER" is a fisical and psicological modern weapon on planet earth. Silent and unvisible technics, which can destroy the economy of small regions, to control the local economy and so to control the population.
(Desaster-Capitalism, Jamie Lee of
One of the Plans of this so called Agenda 21/30 is, to destabilize the existing International Markets and Countries, and to explore for money and power our planet, resources, and every single person.

We only need 10 % of the population with the right consciousness to this matter!
We would like colaborating spiritual groups for healing,
as well to meet with other portuguese agricultural and political groups.
We would like to organize events and meetings, also going to other cities or villages,
to spread our informations.

" There is nothing wrong with our climate ! Stop Climate Engineering !!" ck

Subjects we have been discussing in our meetings:
"False Global Warming"
Manupulation on Earth Frequences in 2017
Electromagnetic Waves during the fire??
Burning trees and houses from inside, plastic did not burn, no Yurts did burn, metal was melting, and metals were heating up in brick walls, breaking structure of houses ??
Lazer technics for explosion of houses ?
Whats about Lithium Industry and Eukalyptus Industry, that wants to buy out Portugal?
Where did the LOCAL Airplanes, Helecopters and Drones start and land, who were witnessed by hundreds of people during the fire ?
Agenda 21/30 ?
Why Spiritual Centers have been very much destroyed ?

Group Why Fire was supporting the Speach with Benjamim Levy, 03.02.2018, Auditory Bibliothek Oliveira do Hospital,
"Geoengineering to control the climat - an unofficial, exotic weapon .. and uncontrolable" (organized by "Grupo Céus Limpos")

The speach was in portuguese, and had been translated by Group Why Fire.
Flyer and Video following !

Destructive tornado hits Faro, southern Portugal, 05.03.2018